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Giving to the less privileged

The world is facing hard times and everyone is sad because we have no reason to smile. You wake up in the morning and all around you are bad news that frightens you and gives you no hope about the future including the drastic increase in death as a result of the deadly coronavirus.

Great men consult their faiths, men of God are praying to God, scientist have tried all they could but nothing is changing. The whole human race is asking why? Why this pandemic making people lose their lives each second.

Everything has seized: economic activities, political rallies, sporting activities, entertainment, tourism, migration, recreational activities, marketing and services to the extend of churches, mosques and other places of worship being locked down all with the goal of fighting this pandemic.

But have you asked yourself that how can people survive during this hard economic era when everything has been paused emphasizing on orphans, the street-based, widows, the physically challenged basically the less privileged. We grieve in our Heart when we imagine the suffering of the above-mentioned class of people.

Ask yourself how they are surviving. It is heartbreaking right? Have you asked yourself any measures you can put in place to put a smile on these people’s face?

Join us then as we want to reach the cry of these people. Therefore we entreat each one of us to extend a helping hand with the small we have to wipe away the tears of the less privileged. It is the hope we have in our hearts that things are going to turn better soon.

As we are embarking on a mega donation to put smiles on the above class of people. Join us by any support including, cash, kind, materialistic, morale and what have you. God bless you for your support and effort in making this a success .you are blessed. Thank you.


• Our goal is to reach people who are less privileged in the society, providing them with the basic needs of life including clothing, shelter, food, water, etc.

• Provision of potable drinking water in communities lacking them. Also bringing into existence health infrastructures in various community to help improve on their health.

• Ensuring children attend school by providing them with education materials as well as improving on their educational infrastructures encouraging them to attend school reducing illiteracy rate in our various society.

• Provision of scholarship to brilliant but needy students in the society to help them further their education for a brighter future. This will encourage children to have the enthusiasm to attend school. It is our priority and concern as members of society to give to the needy. We therefore encourage each of us to give the little he/she can to help reach the cry of the needy in society. As the saying goes “givers never lack “ for God loves a cheerful giver (2.cor.9:7). May God bless you for giving.
You can send your contributions to the following numbers.
0552615256, 0245504804

stay safe, you are blessed.